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The overnight service from Scotland to London, or in days gone by, to Plymouth, might offer a bed, but for some, the rattling rolling stock and coupling of carriages is torture by sleep deprivation. First, there is the tension of finding out if you have been lucky enough to be allocated a room to yourself, because the train isn’t fully booked. Of course, this experience can be avoided entirely by travelling first class, and getting a bunk to yourself.

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I keep thinking eventually she will move onto another target, but so far she hasn't. But I have said that at least 400 times in the past 5 years and every single time I get stabbed in the back when I least expect it. And the things she says are so horrible they are embarrassing.She has always had a sense of entitlement when it comes to me , what ever she wants and needs I have provided her with, all the while trying to tell her I wasn't helpful only to hear and be screamed at DO YOU WANT ME TO BE HOMELESS?I am exhausted , I am sad that I have had to live with abuse my family and I have had to endure from her wrath.Robert Hare and Martha Stout DO, there's no better word to use! If you were in a relationship with one who has the brain functioning of a psychopath and you went to seek help, who would you rather talk to?

Someone who thinks we're all the same and that if you just give, give, give and work, work, work, then maybe for one minute on one good day you may not be emotionally abused?However, from 26 February, they will have to pay for a separate room, with fares starting at £140 compared to £85 to share.Sharing is still permitted on Britain’s only other sleeper, between London and Penzance.OR, someone who sent you both to an mri place that checked for psychopathy and after the results came back and it was shown that your partner was a psychopath and then proceeded to tell you what this meant (that the the psychopath only wants to use, manipulate, hurt, control, play games, destroy the good things about you, use your heart against you, cannot process the emotions of love, gratefulness, empathy and actually only hates others and doesn't think of them as anything but prey) and then treated you like you were in a burning building and that it was imperative that you get out NOW! To be THIS concerned about the non-psychopath who is in the clutches of a psychopath.) Who would you pick now that you are (most likely as you're on this website) on the horrible end of the relationship? I want to keep others from being here, destroyed and ruined, and with nobody who even believes it was not only as BAD as it was but really FAR WORSE! I just found out my twin sister is a sociopath , I was gifted a book byte my older sister , because she has witnessed the abuse I have endured from her for my entire life.