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It is known in most non-English languages as RTL (for Radio Television Luxembourg).The English-language service of Radio Luxembourg began in 1933 as one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to the UK and Ireland.Infected systems are often part of a botnet which can be controlled remotely by attackers to perform criminal activities like attacking other computers, sending malicious emails or performing denial-of-service attack.If you have a strong suspicion that your machine is infected and you are looking for support to re-install the system, you can check the PC-doctor list to find an SME to support you.It was an important forerunner of pirate radio and modern commercial radio in the United Kingdom.It was an effective way to advertise products by circumventing British legislation which until 1973 gave the BBC a monopoly of radio broadcasting on UK territory and prohibited all forms of advertising over the domestic radio spectrum.Because Plugge successfully demonstrated that State monopolies such as that of the BBC could be broken, other parties became attracted to the idea of creating a new commercial radio station specifically for this purpose.In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg during 1924, François Anen built a 100-watt transmitter to broadcast military music concerts and plays to listeners in Luxembourg.

In May 1932, Radio Luxembourg began high powered test transmissions aimed directly at Britain and Ireland (which proved, inadvertently, to be the first radio modification of the ionosphere).

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Because the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is centrally located in western Europe, it was an ideal location for transmitters aimed at reaching audiences in many nations, including the United Kingdom.

Anen became inspired by the activities of Captain Plugge, who was using transmitters licensed in other countries to broadcast English-language radio programmes to Britain and Ireland, where commercial broadcasting had not been licensed by the British or Irish governments.Phishing links can tested without risk and reported via the CIRCL urlabuse interface.If you have a security incident in your company, you can report it to CIRCL.Please visit for information on how to re-activate Javascript. You can take IELTS with the British Council in over 140 countries worldwide.